Further information on Chinese requirements for imported food and overseas food

Further to MAA2129, which informed food processing and storage establishments of new Chinese registration requirements, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (department) has received further information regarding the new registration processes for overseas food establishments, including storage facilities. This information has come from the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC). Importantly, the department understands that existing registration and listing processes for meat,
dairy and seafood establishments will continue post 1 January 2022.

There is no further action for these establishments at this time, where they are already listed with GACC. Food establishments (including storage facilities) requiring department recommendation for registration with GACC. The Department will soon request information from all food processing and independent storage facilities, exporting to China, to assist with the registration of establishments that process or handle Article 7 foods.

These foods are casings, bee products, eggs and egg products, edible fats and oils, stuffed wheaten food, edible grains, milled grain products and malt, fresh-kept/ preserved and dehydrated vegetables and dry beans, condiments and seasonings, nuts and seeds, dry fruits, unroasted coffee and cocoa beans, food for special dietary uses, health/ functional foods.

The required information for the department to recommend an establishment for registration is also provided in Attachment 1. The department will require this information for registration and establishments will be advised about how to provide this information to the department shortly. The requested information will need to be provided within a tight timeframe (may be as soon as 23 October 2021) in order to complete Australia’s submission by 30 October 2021 and ensure that the registration process is completed by 1 January 2022. Late submissions may encounter delays in being registered and additional information may be required to support the registration process.
It is highly recommended that establishments start gathering this information immediately.

Unclear on whether a food is an Article 7 food?

Where an establishment has reviewed the descriptions of Article 7 foods in Attachment 1 and are still not clear on whether the food that they process, pack or store is an Article 7 food, it is advisable to proceed with your registration as an Article 7 food and comply with these requirements. Food establishments (including storage facilities) requiring self-registration with GACC Food establishments (and storage facilities) for all foods that do not have established registration processes for exports to China and are not listed under Article 7 of Decree 248 need to self-register.

The department has been notified that GACC has established a ‘single window service system’ which is an online registration platform for establishments producing and exporting foods which fall under Article 9 of Decree 248 (foods not listed under Article 7). This registration process may either be completed by the food facilities or through the importer or an agent.

Next steps

Food establishments (including storage facilities) requiring department recommendation for registration with GACC are to prepare required information and await further instructions from the department. Food establishments (including storage facilities) requiring self-registration with GACC are encouraged to complete as quickly as possible the online registration process through the ‘single window service system’.

Further advice will be provided for industries and exporters by the department when information is available

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