Building a sustainable future for your Agribusiness

Course Description

The global population is predicted to grow more than 30% to 9.1 billion by 2050. To cope, the world will need to produce 70% more food. Meanwhile, a rapidly expanding Asian middle class with high disposable income means the demand for high-quality, high-value goods continues to rise.

Australian agricultural producers have a unique opportunity to capitalise on these global changes, with Australian food products highly prized by international buyers for their “safe, clean and green” reputation. But tapping into new export markets can be daunting for small to medium-sized agribusinesses who are often time and resource-poor, and particularly with current challenges around some of our key traditional export markets.
The maze of regulatory issues, biosecurity regulations, food safety and compliance regimens, as well as the cost of making international business connections, can put off even the most determined potential exporter.

This series of webinars from the Agribusiness Regional Development Association (ARDA) aims to demystify the export process and help small to medium food and wine producers get on the road to export success. The series demonstrates how exporting can deliver economic stability, drive employment, and ultimately create sustainable regional communities across Australia.

While the webinars are targeted at food and wine producers in the Capital Region (ACT and southern NSW), they will benefit any Australian agribusiness seeking to make international exports part of their business model to access new revenue streams.

Market diversification

Following the impact of fires, drought, and Covid-19, many Australian agricultural producers must diversify to remain sustainable. This session explains the benefits to non-exporters of adding an export channel to their current business model. For those already exporting, ARDA examines how broadening the net to include alternative markets and channels can provide even stronger returns.


Domestic versus international markets

 In this session, participants will gain a clear understanding of how exporting can help their business and what they need to do to become an exporter. ARDA’s export specialists will reveal the dos and don’ts of selling your products to international buyers, including how to avoid common exporting pitfalls.


Are you ready to sell overseas?

A guided quiz to determine whether your business is export-ready and identify gaps in your capability, before ARDA’s experts provide you with the starter tools and support you need to become export-ready.


Cost saving through collaboration

The investment of time and money in gaining entry to new export markets can be off-putting for small to medium-sized producers whose priority is keeping the business running. This session highlights how strong industry collaboration can reduce cost and risk while building stronger brands.

Introduction to the export capability course

ARDA, as part of the Federal Government SME Export Hub initiative, has developed a comprehensive online course on Export Capability. This session serves as an introduction for those who seek a deeper knowledge of the export process. It is suitable for those who wish to work extensively in the agribusiness export space.


Facilitator: Stephen Hambridge

For more than 30 years, Stephen Hambridge has helped businesses large and small improve their processes. A technical background in the chemical industry combined with senior sales and marketing experience has enabled Steve to deliver efficiencies and profits to his clients. First-hand experience of projects in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia as well as Europe, the USA and South Africa has given Steve a keen understanding of the complexities of international trade and business culture.