building a brand: a strategic approach to growth

Did you know that nearly 40% of food and beverage businesses surveyed by ARDA want to diversify their markets but simply don’t know where to start? Or that having insufficient product to meet market demand has prevented nearly 30% of agribusinesses from selling to new customers?


At ARDA we make it our business to help your business by working with you to identify, and overcome, the challenges you face when it comes to building a sustainable operating model.


One of the messages we’ve heard repeatedly from our members is that you want to work more collaboratively with likeminded people to build supply, economies of scale and a strong regional brand to attract new customers.


You’ve told us that you need help in the following areas:


1: Build value for regional areas

· Create knowledge and awareness of products and producers

· Build trust and confidence in regional products

· Create a diversity of products and industries

· Promote a clean and green environment

· Build a sense of community


2: Deliver brand credibility and trust

· Foster open and honest communications

· Ensure product consistency and availability

· Ensure accessibility for all to products and services

· Build collaboration and cooperation among producers and suppliers


3. Create a value proposition

· Build brand awareness

· Provide education to producers, and buyers

· Create product diversity

· Connect with and understand markets

· Foster greater regional / government collaboration


4. Current constraints

· Lack of time

· Confusion

· Lack of information

· Lack of access to resources


Through our free Market Diversification Program we are now working with our industry and government partners to build a framework that will enable ARDA members to access the tools and specialist support to address these priority issues within your region. These services will be tailor-made to address your unique regional challenges, and will be facilitated and delivered by ARDA.


To ensure you can benefit from this work at no cost, we invite you to become a member of one of our four regional cohorts, covering the NSW Southern Highlands, Riverina, South Coast and Central West areas. ARDA is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to deliver this program to small to medium-sized agribusinesses, free of charge.


Please email us at this address or call 0411 918 551 to find out more about how the program can benefit your business, and your community as a whole.

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