About ARDA

Agribusiness Regional Development Association (ARDA) will be established initially through a pilot in the RDA’s Northern Inland region of NSW.

It will work in collaboration with key government departments spanning Regional Development Australia (Northern Inland), NSW State including key areas – State Trade and Invest and local government economic development departments.

The association will be regionally run and successful programs will be communicated and made available to other regions.

It will adopt Regional Development of Australia’s regional structure.

It will build bridges within the regional agribusiness community and between regional Australia and the world.

The Objectives

  • Promote Australia’s reputation for ‘safe, clean and green’ food and sustain its comparative advantage.
  • Support regional development to respond to the growth in demand for high-value products domestically and in Asia.
  • Promote the efficient management of rural resources.
  • Attract capital and skilled labour to regional communities.
  • Promote private and public investment in research and development in new products and technologies.
  • Engage in community debate regarding a range of agribusiness related community concerns.
  • Promote the uptake of advanced technologies and systems, communications, knowledge systems and integrated workflows for decision making along the whole value chain.