16 Feb: Top Tips for branding your exports to China

If you’re looking to take advantage of the recent Free-Trade Agreement with China, to grow your business in a new market, there are a few things you should consider. One of the biggest concerns is naming your products or your overall business brand.

Chinese language and culture is very different to Australia. As Sophia Yan points out in CNN money, it’s very common for western brands to take on a different name in China. Naming is taken very seriously and words are important to provide an overall good impression of a brand.

Yan points out the tonality of language …


16 Feb: Business Strategies in the Agrifood Industry – AgriFood Skills Australia Report

Scope of this report

AgriFood Skills Australia engaged Nous Group (Nous) to undertake two research tasks that align with AgriFood Skills Australia mission to help the agrifood industry better meet its future education, training and skills development requirements.

These two research tasks which were identified in AgriFood Skills Australia’s 2014 Environmental Scan are:

  1. Analyse changing business models and structures across the agrifood supply chain and evaluate the implications for work organisation, workforce composition and job roles
  2. Scope current knowledge transfer models within the agrifood industry – including formal, non-formal and informal types of learning

The scope of this research is …