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Australian rural communities are under increasing economic pressure from changes in agricultural practices and returns, restricted funding from traditional lenders, difficult weather conditions with global warming and the need for succession to a new generation with the aging of the baby boomers. And yet agribusiness and regional communities are progressing towards an unprecedented juncture with new ways to build sustainable communities.

The convergence of new digital technologies and recently signed FTA’s has created new economic development opportunities, fuelled by potential distribution channel, transport, investment and agribusiness innovation. This has created for regional and rural agribusiness an unprecedented opportunity to connect with Asian markets, offering a wealth of agricultural production, lifestyle choices and unique tourism experiences.

Regional based agri and other businesses are hampered by the lack of access to capital, expertise and other resources to take best advantage of this emerging landscape and without additional support may not fully leverage this opportunity to build more sustainable regional communities.


The Association for Regional Agribusiness


Agribusiness Regional Development Association is an association of regionally based agricultural and related businesses with a shared vision to foster and support agribusiness development so as to create sustainable regional communities.

The Association will help local agribusinesses harness and augment the work of Government organisations with which it shares a common purpose and will work in collaboration with other Not for Profits that are pursuing similar objectives that support agribusiness development projects.

The entity, while regional, will function most effectively for rural communities as a national body, assisting regional agribusiness development across Australia; thinking global while acting local.


Initiatives and Pilot Projects


Agribusiness Regional Development Association will establish agribusiness pilot projects and initiatives within the Northern Inland region of NSW.

Where possible, the association will seek to work in collaboration with key government departments spanning Regional Development Australia (Northern Inland), NSW State including key areas – State Trade and Invest and local government economic development departments

Agribusiness Regional Development Association will build bridges within the regional agribusiness community and between regional Australia and the world.